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Splitboard transitions - Spline Split Science ep#5

Splitboard transitions can seem daunting to the beginning splitter. There's lots of parts and pieces that need to be moved around and lined up just so for everything to come together. However, with some practice it can be done quite quickly.

This blog will hopefully point you in the right direction to change over quickly. Note on the techniques here, they're not THE way to transition, just the way I like to transition. They seem efficient and quick to me, but if you have something to share that's quicker and/or more efficient I'd love to know it!

The below video, episode #5 of Spline Split Science, deals with going from ski mode to board mode. The bindings in the video are Spark R&D Arc bindings, and the board (What? the Split) is equipped with Voile hooks and a Spark nose clip. How to fold and install your skins can be seen in episode #3 of Spline Split Science.

Practice makes perfect!

A good place to practice both transitions is indoors. Put on a movie and just switch your board over and over again. Being inside eliminates the sticky snow, blowing wind and cold hands. Practice with your skins as well.

A handy item to have in your pack is a small plastic scraper. Sometimes snow becomes an issue during the transition and a few well placed scrapes will clean everything up quickly.

One of the reasons I really like Spark bindings is that they self clear the snow from around the pucks. As long as it's not super frozen ice, you can generally slide the bindings onto the board which is nice.

The video below shows going from your snowboard to ski mode and was made with my friends at Arc'teryx. Same gear as the above except for Voile nose and tail clips on this particular board (Fish Sticks 161).

Hopefully these videos help your transitions.

Happy splitting!

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