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engineered for riding
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Quiver Killer

1 Board to rule

it all


Spline : 1. Flexible piece of wood used in creating curves

2. Small key on a rotating shaft to secure gears 

3. mathematical curve through a predetermined set of points

4. small piece of wood used in reinforcing woodworking joinery

Spline exists to create snowboards and splitboards for riders who value their daily riding experience and their snowboard. Our boards use the finest materials and are made by hands which belong to snowboarders.  

Spline is the brainchild of Justin Lamoureux, engineer, pro rider, Olympian, and backcountry guide.


From the Snow 

Trip reports, how-tos, and other randomness from the snow.


Spline Snowboards

#madebyhands in the mountains of BC, Canada

shaper at

604.898.SNOW  (7669)

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