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Splitboard Skins

To work, skins need to both glide and grip on the snow as well as stick to your base. We've been using these skins for years and trust them in all conditions. This season we've got the new G3 Universal LT (nylon) and Glide LT (mohair/nylon) skins. The tips on these have been reworked to be smaller and lighter overall. We also carry the Voile Hyper Glide skins which use the Pomoca mohair/nylon material. Nose and tail clips included with the skin. Offered in smaller and bigger sizes. G3 skins are made in Canada, and Voile are Swiss/USA. 


G3 Splitboard Universal LT Skin - 222$ CAN

G3 Splitboard Glide LT Skin - 243$

Voile Hyper Glide Skin - 259$

G3 Universal lt

G3 Universal lt

G3 Glide skins

G3 Glide skins

Voile Hyper glide skins

Voile Hyper glide skins

Spark R&D Arc binding

The                           is most reliable splitboard binding on the market. This is the binding we use day in and day out. The Arc is light, transitions are lightning quick and they ride like a dream. We also have the                binding available. It's even lighter.   

Made in the USA.

Click the light blue to learn more. 


Arc - 559$ CAN

Arc Pro - 769$ (medium only)

2022 Arc - 480$

Spark R&D Pucks

The Spark R&D pucks are a significant upgrade from the other pucks. Near infinite adjustability and a much stiffer connection to your board. We've been riding these since the proto versions and absolutely love them. That's why we have them in stock. 

Flat and canted available. 

Made in the USA

learn more @

105$ CAN

Spline Hats

Spline hats are here with clean styling. 

The steel/black one is a light weight, perforated, breathable nylon ideal for spring touring, fall trail runs or just kicking around town. 

The others all feature organic canvas. The solid acorn and dusk ones have full canvas backs, while the boysenberry and black feature trucker mesh backs. All hats feature a snapback for adjustment and fit most heads. 


40$ CAN 

hats and tuques
Spline Tuques

To be a proper tuque, a pompom is mandatory. Thick, warm and comfy, these fit pretty much everyone thanks to the roll cuff bottom. Big thanks to our ambassadors who designed the following colorways: 

Olive Green by Andy Finch

Lime green by Scott Gaffney

White by Rupert Davies                      

40$ CAN 

SparkRD-2021-Backcountry Kit.jpg
Spark R&D Backcountry  Kit

Having the right spare part is key to any backcountry day. It makes breaking a binding part a minor incoivenience and not a potential epic. The Spark R&D Backcountry Kit has all the spare screws, ratchets and ladders you need to fix your bindings. 

Made in the USA

49$ CAN 

Backcountry Kit
G3 Pivot touring pole

We're super picky about the poles we use splitboarding, and gotta say, pretty impressed with the new Pivot pole from G3. It feels really study while poling, foam grip down the upper shaft, some aluminum rings for use on an even lower grip, has a great hook on the grip for flipping heel wires, and packs up tiny. There's also a unique cradle in the grip to hold the wire when it's all packed up so the pieces don't flop around like other folding poles. We're excited to use these this winter and you should be too. 

Comes in 2 sizes, short (105-125cm; 295g) and long (115-135cm; 306g).

183$ CAN 

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