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Mako & Fish Sticks

The Mako is the fastest shark in the ocean. Like it's namesake, this board is made for going fast. 

Starting from a Quiver Killer, the Mako was made more directional for a bigger focus on deep snow. A big blunt nose provides tons of float up front, while our signature pintail minimizes surface area and drops the tail down into powder while still allowing the board to be ridden switch. A directional core profile coupled with slight camber into early rise tips combine to give pop, edge hold and all mountain stability. Ridden at standard lengths. 

Sizes: 151cm x 24.0 x 7.6m  (100-150 lbs)

           154cm x 24.5 x 7.85m  (110-170 lbs)

           161cm x 25.5 x 8.1m  (140-210 lbs)

           169cm x 26.1 x 8.8m  (150+ lbs)

mass (161cm; average): 3 kg


Splitboard version: "Fish Sticks"

solid/split : $950/$1250 CAD

Custom add-ons available on every board

features: Carbon (C-10) infused triax/biax fiberlgass blend, camber to early rise tips, SERS, Spline Science Shaping, Taper Tips, full length wood core, bio resin epoxy, Impact plates, sintered die cut bases,  full wrap edges, sandwhich construction with UHMWPE sidewalls. 

"Fish Sticks" features:same as above, Superlight construction (same weight as our standard board!), Perfect Pivot, full inside steel edges, and SparkR&D hardware

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