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Engineer. Pro snowboarder. Splitboard Guide. 2x Olympian. Woodworker.

Meet Justin Lamoureux, the shaper of Spline snowboards.


Justin learned to ski shortly after walking. In 1988 smitten with the idea of transferring his surf and skate skills to snow, he started riding in the hills of Quebec. As Justin's riding progressed beyond the humble hills of his childhood; he's lived in Banff, Whistler and finally Squamish, BC. His snowboarding focus has always been on an all around approach, and he's tried to excel at every aspect.


On the contest path, Justin eventually became one of Canada's top halfpipe riders. He represented Canada at the 2006 & 2010 Winter Olympic Games, placing 7th in 2010 at home in Vancouver, a Canadian Olympic record for men's halfpipe. Later in 2010 he also became the first Canadian male to win the FIS World Cup Overall Halfpipe Title. Two World Championship silver medals along with numerous podiums, a large amount of top 10 finishes around the world, and a number of national championships round out his halfpipe competition resume.

photo:Phil Tifo

climbing, Photo: Kyle Wolochatiuck/The Backyard Project

Switch Back 5, 2010 Olympic games

Birds eye maple and walnut end table with splined joints

photo: Phil Tifo

Photo: Justin Kious

Photo: Kyle Wolochatiuck/The Backyard Project

cab 1080, Photo: Phil Tifo

Photo: Phil Tifo

Walnut and maple cutting boards

Cab 5, photo: Phil Tifo

2010 FIS world cup champ

Photo: Justin Kious

'05 US Open, Photo: Dano Pendygrasse

Walnut and Maple bent lamination cutting board

Photo: Justin Kious

Mctwist, Photo: Jeff Patterson

DEEP!! Photo: Jeff Patterson

Maple, walnut & Cherry bent lamination cutting board

Photo: Dave Henkel

Not content to be a 'halfpipe guy' Justin has also finished in the top 10 of major slopestyle and big air contests, and spent several years ranked in the top 16 in the world for boardercross and was on the Canadian National Team for that discipline as well as halfpipe (13 years for pipe).

When not competing Justin was (and currently is) typically found scouring the backcountry for natural jumps, lines and deep snow. He's been lucky enough to ride around the world and has gathered numerous first descents in Alaska, Western Canada and Norway.


Since 2010, Justin has focused mostly on splitboarding. In 2013 he attempted to climb and ride all 30 mountains you can see from his house in Squamish for a web series called "The Backyard Project", which he produced for his sponsor Arcteryx.  


Building on that and previous experiences, for the past few years Justin has been guiding people in the backcountry. He's an ACMG splitboard guide and a CSGA lead guide.


After skipping two grades and winning multiple math and physics awards, Justin was early accepted into one of Canada's top universities, the University of Waterloo to study mechanical engineering. He learned about thermodynamics, manufacturing, and composite design, to name a few things from the vast scope of mechanical engineering. He also convinced the dean to allow him to take winter's off to snowboard and still follow the university curriculum the rest of the year.

A few of Justin's engineering jobs involved designing custom mining and production equipment, leaf springs for semis trucks, 3D design work and most recently has designed parts for what will be the world's largest telescope.

For a few seasons, Justin also took care of the snowboards at K2. Every step of the process went through him. Board design, in house prototypes, testing, manufacturing. To say he learned a lot about making snowboards while there is an understatement.


For the past handful of years Justin has been building  his woodworking skills beyond his family's tradition and created 1080 Wood, a custom woodworking shop specializing in wooden objects made by hands. From very small jewelry boxes to large desks and  custom stairs, 1080 Wood uses local and reclaimed wood with hand cut joinery to make objects that last a lifetime. 


Spline snowboards is the next step in Justin's evolution. Building upon everything he has learned both on snow and away from it, he seeks to build snowboards that will enrich your daily riding and create memories on the deepest days of the year.

With a vision of having a true quiver of boards Justin has set out in shaping a unique line up that truly rides differently and will expand the rider's repertoire of feelings on snow.

Justin and his friends are the primary testers of Spline snowboards. They take newly shaped Spline snowboards directly into the steepest lines or in front of clients on remote backcountry trips, knowing that the snowboard or splitboard beneath their feet is solid and built to charge.    


Spline : 1. Flexible piece of wood used in creating curves

2. Small key on a rotating shaft to secure gears 

3. mathematical curve through a predetermined set of points

4. small piece of wood used in reinforcing woodworking joinery



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