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Project X & Xsquared

Ripping groms need a ripping board. Our 10 year old Xavier needed a board that suited his size, ability and love of banked slaloms and powder. Snowboarding is about leverage, if your kid's board is too wide they can't get it on edge. We kept this board narrow. Other than a kid specific flex the Project X is built just like our other boards. Nothing was held back.

Little touring legs need a light splitboard and the Xsquared is most likely the lightest kid's splitboard available. We poured all our knowledge and a few unicorn tears of joy into making this the best split available for your little charger.   

Size: 132cm x 23cm x 6.1m  (60-90 lbs)


mass (average): 2.05 kg


Splitboard version: "Xsquared"

solid/split : $800/$1100 CAD

Custom add-ons available on every board

features: Carbon (C-10) infused triax/biax fiberlgass blend, camber to early rise tips, SERS, Spline Science Shaping, Taper Tips, full length wood core, bio resin epoxy, Impact plates, sintered die cut bases,  full wrap edges, sandwhich construction with urethane sidewalls. 

"Xsquared" features:same as above, Superlight construction (same weight as our standard board!), Perfect Pivot, full inside steel edges, and Spark R&D hardware

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