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FAT series: pi & Pie slices

pi - 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751

The irrational number in every circle, every carve and every transition.  

A big floaty nose blends into a tapered outline that finishes in our new cut out tail. These features combine to deliver unreal float on the deepest days while also providing next level carves on groomers.  

Ridden shorter (0-8cm) and wider than your normal board, it's available in 2 sizes. The pi 159 is Spline Science Shaping for the bigger rider (or average rider looking for crazy float) while the 156 is for the average sized rider.

Size: 159cm x 26.5cm  (160+ lbs)

         156cm x 26.1cm (140-210 lbs)

weight (average): 3 kg


Splitboard version: "Pie slices"

normal/split : $950/$1250 cad

Custom add-ons available on every board

features: FAT, Carbon (C-10) infused triax/biax fiberlgass blend, camber to early rise tips, SERS, Spline Science Shaping, Taper Tips, full length wood core, bio resin epoxy, sintered die cut bases,  full wrap edges, sandwhich construction with UHMWPE sidewalls. With the clear topsheet option and resin tint, each board is 1 of a kind.  

"Pie slices" features:same as above, Impact Plates, Superlight construction (same weight as our standard board!), Perfect Pivot, full inside steel edges, and Voile hardware

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