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Spline Board technology

Where marketing departments try to make common things sound awesome. look for it below!!

Features on every Spline board

Triax and biax fiberglass are blended together in various options to create the perfect ride.

Carbon fibre - Everyone loves carbon. Especially in splitboards. A unique blend of carbon fibre replaces the fiberglass on splitboards to create a hard charging, super light splitboard. Available soon...  

C-10 Stringers - 10 full length carbon stringers are infused in our fiberglass for amazing pop

Spline Science shaping - We use math to make snowboarding better. The little differences in snowboards is what make them feel different from one to the next. With science shaping, math has helped create the perfect curves for each snowboard resulting in boards that turn hard, hold an edge and are easy to ride.

FAT (Figured area templates) - We've moved the floatation points and sidecut on the FAT series to give an entirely new and unique feel to riding powder. These boards are also short and wide and look, well, kind of fat.


SERS (Spline Energy Return System) - every step you take while touring, is energy. every turn you make is energy. The SERS returns that energy for easier touring and quicker turns. May be mistaken for camber and early rise tips.

Taper tips - Minimize overall weight and swing weight while still maintaining full strength.

Solid full length wood core -  along with our Taper Tips, our full wood core are precision milled to ensure the perfect flex in every board.


 Bio resins - resin is a major component to a snowboard and is typically petroleum based. We've been using bio-resin epoxies since our first board and our testing has proven them to be super strong and it helps to help minimize our environmental footprint. Our epoxy emits less than 50% of greenhouse gases during production compared to petroleum based epoxies.

Resin Tint - All our splitboards and solids with a clear topsheet can be colored via resin tint. A special colorant is added to the epoxy, layed out in a desired pattern and then the press takes over and creates a unique graphic pattern that is essentially your board's fingerprint. 

Sintered 4001 bases - cause going fast is fun. 

Impact plates - Kevlar stops bullets. So does sand, but sand doesn't help in a snowboard, except of course fiberglass is made from sand. Neither of which sound as cool as kevlar. Placed in the binding areas to decrease stress on the board and increase edge hold.  

UHMWPE sidewalls - solid and flexible sidewalls. there's a reason nearly everyone uses them. 

Full wrap carbon steel edges - cause steel is stronger than plastic.

Splitboards Tech

Superlight construction - through the magic of engineering our splitboards are the same weight as our snowboards and just as strong. 

Perfect Pivot - the pivot on each splitboard is perfectly placed for optimum touring and switchbacking ease

Inside Steel edges - full length inside steel edges, cause sometimes you need to hold an edge while skinning or split skiing

Spark R&D hardware - Solid connection, quick transitions, no fuss and the ability to tighten the clips. We love them.

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