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the What? blue/black fade with carbon web. Right foot forward


the What? in white. Right foot forward


What? the Split. Black. Left foot forward.


What? the split. clear. left foot forward


the What? right foot forward


What? the split. Custom build. Right foot forward


What? the Split. Purple. Left foot forward


What? the Split. Justin's custom board. Right foot forward


the What? in green & black. Left foot forward


the What? in fire. right foot forward

FAT series: the What? & What? the Split 

What the? Exactly. Welcome to a symmetrically asymmetrical world. The physics of powder riding were re-examined and the What? was created. Starting with FAT shaping, a symmetrical sidecut was added to a shape that is decidedly anything but. Asymmetrical nose, tail and an offset asymmetrical swallow tail all combine to enhance the experience of powder riding in a way you never imagined. All in quite possibly the shortest board you'll ever ride. 

Ridden 10-20cm shorter than your normal board.

Size: 144cm x 27cm (130-200 lbs)

mass (average): 2.6 kg


Splitboard version: "What? the Split"

solid/split: $950/$1250 CAD

Custom add-ons available on every board

features: FAT, Carbon (C-10) infused triax/biax fiberlgass blend, camber to early rise tips, SERS, Spline Science Shaping, Taper Tips, full length wood core, bio resin epoxy, Impact plates, sintered die cut bases,  full wrap edges, sandwhich construction with urethane sidewalls. With the clear topsheet option and resin tint, each board is 1 of a kind.  

"What the Split?" features:same as above, Superlight construction (same weight as our standard board!), Perfect Pivot, full inside steel edges, and Spark R&D hardware

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