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Skin mods. Spline Split Science ep. #4

Possibly my favorite hack for splitboard skins.

You can cut off part of the metal hooks on your nose and tail clips, as there's no need for that much hook. Couple reasons, with a short hook you can make your tail clip tighter and it's easier to put the tail clip on and off, as well overall the skin is faster to put on and off in particular.

This mod requires the use of a dremel and cut off wheel or a grinder so take precautions for using power tools such as hearing and eye protection, dust mask and gloves since your hands will be around sparks and hot metal.

I tend to do this mod before i even cut my skins so keep the clear cover on the glue. Otherwise be careful not to shower dust onto your skin glue.

A workbench, clamp and a file are also handy.

Overall this mod is pretty easy to do.

1. Clamp the skin down to the workbench.

2. Using the dremel cut the hooks back until there's about 3mm left. You can use a marker to give yourself a guide line.

3. Grind the edges and corners smooth as best you can.

4. File all the edges of the hooks to make sure no burrs are left.

That's it.

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