Spline Split Science Ep.#3 - Skins on, Skins off

I keep hearing people say that installing and removing skins is somewhat of their transition nemesis. They can switch their bindings fairly quickly but not their skins. With some practice it's really easy even in the most challenging conditions Removing your skins: Typically, on a transition I'll take my bindings off prior to removing the skins. 1 - Grab a 'ski' in one hand with the nose down/tail up and remove the tail clip. 2 - As you peel the skin off, i like to teeter- totter the 'ski' in my hand and peel all the skin off. 3 - As the skin gets removed, usually I'll plant the tail of the 'ski' in the snow. 4 - With your arms outstretched, flip the skin over so the glue is facing up. 5 - P

Spline Split Science Ep. #1 & #2

Welcome to Spline Split Science! We're going to make a bunch of short videos on our instagram page (@spline_snowboards) describing some splitboard tips, hacks and techniques. Since we're limited to 1 min on instagram, we'll have a longer description on here. So, with that, here's episodes 1 &2. Episode 1 - How to save your skin glue. Did you leave your skins glued together in a hot room for months? Were they put away wet? Or maybe they're just old. At some point the glue on your skins will most likely go bad. And by bad we mean missing glue, sticky balls of glue, the skin won't stick to your board or the glue goes off yoru skin and stays on your board! Any of the above means you have bad glu

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